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I'm Roy naquin

Welcome To My Digital Home!

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Portrait of Roy Naquin
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Who am I?

I am a connector of ideas, and I thrive at the edge of chaos. I get energized by the process of exploring and creating novel solutions to complex, ill-defined and non-immediate (CIDNI) business problems. When I discover a problem worth solving, my Spidey-senses kick in. I become fixated on understanding the situation and begin investigating possible solutions. Don't be fooled by my serious demeanor. I'm genuinely a flaneur shielded by an unshakable facade of Marine Corps discipline.

I'm an execution strategist.

A combination of skills involving systems design, business analysis, and many years of experience as a program manager allows me to identify deeply hidden problems and create comprehensive solutions.

Previously, I've held positions in strategic planning and financial operations within the Blockchain and Fintech industries. Before that, I was a co-founder of a fit-tech startup that developed a cloud-based fitness programming platform. 

Before that, I worked as a Program Manager in the Aerospace & Defense Electronics industry, developing ruggedized computing and embedded logic systems for space applications.

But I cut my teeth as an Avionics Technician supporting wartime flight operations in the United States Marine Corps.

I am fascinated by the intersection of business modeling and systems design.

This is where I share my best ideas on innovation, systems design, and technological advancements. Many of my writings are framed by my learnings within the emergence of data science, blockchain, and predictive analytics. Go ahead, poke around and enjoy! 

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