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I'm Roy

I'M AN EXECUTION Strategist.

Every Thursday, I send a free email designed to help you become a more creative, strategic, and execution-driven thinker.

*What the heck is an

kinda like a HITMAN for business problems.

Unlike the folks in the big consulting firms, I know what it’s like working on the front lines of executing a strategic goal. Throughout my career, I've worked on the inside, solving organizational problems and actually delivering results. Over the years, I've seen multiple scenarios for why strategic programs fail to deliver. While there are many excuses, in my experience, the root causes mostly come down to five common pitfalls:

  1. Internal Politics
  2. Lack Of Ownership
  3. Failure To Admit Mistakes Sooner
  4. Unwillingness To Delegate Workload
  5. Inability To Focus On The Bigger Picture

Keen observational skills, years of experience managing technical and strategic programs, and an uncanny ability to ask the right questions allow me to spot these issues from a mile away. And once my scope is focused on the real problem, I can zero in on a solution and help you eliminate it without prejudice.



I help founders & leaders get their businesses fixed.
By Designing solutions to combat sticky issues.


  • War Veteran: U.S. Marine Corps; Avionics
  • Industries: FinTech, Aerospace & Defense Systems
  • Experience: Strategic Planning, Program Mgmt., Biz Dev
  • Lives In: Tokyo, Japan
  • Currently: CEO Office: Senior Vice President at Opn


  • Systems-Thinking: Deep experience in process design and integrated systems development has gifted me with a systems-focused mindset.
  • Problem-Solving: This mindset allows me to understand problems from the viewpoint of connectedness. As a result, I can identify hidden issues and opportunities others easily overlook.
  • Scenario Planning: Fixing stickier problems requires forecasting multiple possible outcomes. In doing so, designing several solutions allows me to prepare for the various outcomes.
  • Negotiation Strategy: Many years of experience as a hard bargainer have taught me that the best way to get a deal is from a position of trust and understanding. Chris Voss said I'm the poster boy for assertiveness. As a result, I've recently begun mastering the skill of tactical empathy. Read More


  • Creativity: I'm not content doing things the conventional way when there might be a better, more engaging way worth exploring.
  • Love of Learning:  I have a real passion for acquiring knowledge, and enjoy deep reflection on that knowledge.
  • Curiosity: People that know me describe me as a polymath, I love exploring people, places, situations, and ideas.


Most recent Projects.

Most recently, I’ve used my expertise to support various Fintech and blockchain companies.

Specifically, to execute mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures; oversee regulatory pursuits; and design & implement financial processes and controls.

My Certifications & Qualifications

“Roy’s broad skill set and perspective helped us get through a very turbulent time. His problem-solving abilities are unique and effective. And he’s willing to do the hard work to move things forward.”

Portrait of a client
— Justin Lee
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Certifications and Qualifications.

Certified Project Management Professional logo
Project Management Professional (PMP)

The certification validates that holders are highly skilled in the following:

Emphasizing the soft skills needed to lead projects effectively in today's changing environment.

Reinforcing the technical aspects of successfully managing projects.

ENVIRONMENT: Highlighting the connection between projects and strategy.

Lean Six sigma specialization

Lean Six Sigma methods help organizations improve quality and maintain productivity throughout business operations. Implementing Lean Six Sigma methods can help your organization become more profitable, exceed customer expectations, and achieve even greater financial returns.

Certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach logo
Marshall Goldsmith, Certified Coach

A proven process for lasting behavioral change.

Certified Basadur Profile Administrator Logo
Certified Basadur Profile Administrator

The Basadur Profile is a unique, research-based tool for identifying people's different approaches to problem-solving and innovation. Understanding innovation styles allows you to utilize the full spectrum of thinking and innovation available for solving complex problems.

"Roy’s ability to evaluate options, and his clear sense of stakeholder priorities, program risks and budgetary constraints, enabled our success on a critical, high-visibility program."

Portrait of a client
- Amish A. Mehta
President at Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems, Inc.
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